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Causes of unstable operation of the cone crusher

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Date: 2018-05-14

The cone crusher is a special equipment for ore crushing processing. The cone crusher has a large crushing ratio and can be used for the crushing of a variety of different ores and other materials. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery and everyone is talking about the conical crusher in the process of using the machine may appear unstable. What causes the cone crusher to run unstable?

When the cone crusher breaks the ore process and the speed of the cone crusher reaches the maximum speed without load, if the speed is continuously increased, the centrifugal force of the adjuster fly block will be too large, and the tension of the governor spring will be overcome, and the fuel supply teeth will be pushed by pushing the pull rod. The rod moves in the direction of oil reduction. At this time, the position of the oil supply rod is equivalent to the position of the oil supply rod at low speed. If the cone crusher is not uniform and the error is too large, the cone crusher operation will be unstable.

If the cone crusher reaches the oil stopping speed, the fuel injection pump should automatically shut off the oil. However, if the quality of the components of the piston and the oil outlet valve is not uniform, or if the oil breakage time is not caused due to different wear, some cylinders may have been supplied with oil. However, there is a small amount of oil supply or slower oil pressure in the cylinder, which will cause the high-speed transport of the cone crusher to be unstable.

If the cone crusher machine is in a state of high speed operation, if it fails to operate properly, such as the feeding equipment suddenly increase the feeding, or the nature of the material is changed, the machine has not adjusted. As a result of this phenomenon, Joya reminded everyone that the cone crusher should be stopped immediately for inspection.

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