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Cobblestone crusher operating instructions

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Date: 2021-03-24

Shanghai JOYAL Mining Machinery is a manufacturer that mainly produces various mining machines. The main crushers produced are jaw crushers, random cone crushers, hammer crushers, etc. Today, I will introduce you to the crushing of pebbles. Instructions for the operation of the machine. Cobblestone crusher is a crushing equipment used to crush pebbles. Because of its large crushing power, wide application range and high production efficiency, it is favored by users. Today, we will introduce the precautions of the next cobblestone crusher before, during and after operation. 1. Before operation: pay attention to the instruction manual Before use, you must first understand the relevant instructions for the use of the cobblestone crusher, because if you are not skilled, you must not operate by yourself, otherwise accidents will occur. For experienced staff, the manual must not be ignored, after all, the equipment is constantly updated For development, take a look and be responsible for your own safety. 2. During operation: do not operate with foreign objects in the machine During the operation of the cobblestone crusher, since the cobblestone crushing equipment cannot be started with load, it is forbidden to start it when there are foreign objects inside the equipment, so during its operation, first check whether there is any residual ore in the equipment, etc. In this way, it will not cause the electrical tripping and the increase of the failure rate of equipment parts. Therefore, it is forbidden to operate when there are foreign objects in the machine. 3. After running: turn off the power when the power is off Generally, when the cobblestone crusher is running, it will ensure that the power of the equipment is sufficient. Even if there is a power failure, you must pay attention to cutting off the power of the machine first, so that when a sudden power comes on, it will also avoid unnecessary damage caused by the sudden power on. In addition, after operation, you must also organize related items, turn off the power and leave.

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