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How to solve impact crusher vibration problem

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Date: 2017-08-07

We all know that the characteristics of the machine is in the course of the use may be accompanied by a certain vibration problem, of course, for the ore crusher this large-scale ore processing crushing equipment, the ore crusher in the process of crushing ore this machine vibration The problem is particularly serious, then the ore crusher vibration is more serious what is the solution, Shanghai Joayl mining machinery talk about how to solve the impact crusher in the process of crushing ore machine vibration problems .

Impact crusher vibration is too large because the general is the impact of crusher rotor imbalance; anchor bolts or bearing bolts loose problem, we all know the impact of crusher crushing the reasons for the situation, you can Take a different approach. Such as re-install plate hammer, rotor balance correction; fastening bolts and bearing bolts and other methods.

The tensioning spring means is used to ensure a close fit of the entire movement of the impact crusher and to partially balance the inertial forces generated when the crusher and the brackets of the crusher work. In the impact of crusher work when the spring pressure should not be too large, as long as you can eliminate the brackets and broken plate, adjust the rush to sound.

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