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Introduction of roller crusher

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Date: 2019-05-07

The roller crusher has the advantages of simple structure, compact and light weight, reliable operation, low price, convenient maintenance, etc., and the crushed product has uniform particle size, small crushing, and fine product size (can be broken to less than 3 mm). Therefore, it is suitable for the treatment of brittle materials and small-scale plants containing clay and sticky materials.

Increase the surface area of ​​the material: The surface area increases after the material is broken, which can improve the physical effect and chemical reaction speed. After the cement clinker is fired, the reaction speed is related to the degree of material fracture. The broken the material is broken, the faster the reaction speed is, the corresponding burning speed is faster, and part of the fuel is saved.

Making concrete aggregates and artificial sand: The production of concrete requires different sizes of aggregates. The large stones that are mined are crushed and sieved to make gravel of different sizes. Artificial sand can also be prepared by a crushing method.

Separating useful components from ore: Fragmentation and grinding operations in the beneficiation process remove unwanted impurities from the minerals to obtain useful concentrates.

Processing of subsequent raw materials: In coking plants, sintering plants, pellet plants, building materials, and powder metallurgy departments, the raw material mass used is generally large, which requires breaking to a specified size for subsequent processing. In the food, chemical, fertilizer, pesticide and other sectors, the product is often broken into powder for use.

Shanghai Joyal divides the roller crusher into double-cylinder crusher, counter-roller crusher and double-toothed roller crusher for different customers.

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