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Main points of overhaul of jaw crusher

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Date: 2020-10-30

As the main equipment of mine production, the jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing stones of different sizes. The jaw crusher is supported by the bearing to rotate. It is a part with heavier load and a part that is easy to wear. Next, Shanghai Zhuoya will analyze the main points of fault maintenance of the jaw crusher bearing:

In the operation of the jaw crusher, if you hear the sound of “gulugulu”, it is mostly because the rolling bearing is short of oil; if you hear the discontinuous “stemming” sound, the bearing steel ring may be broken. When the bearing is mixed with sand and other debris or the bearing parts are slightly worn, a slight noise will be produced.

After the jaw crusher is disassembled, first check whether the crusher bearing rolling elements, inner and outer steel rings are damaged, rusted, scars, etc., then hold the inner ring of the bearing with your hand, and make the bearing level, and the other hand push the outer rigid If the bearing is good, the outer steel ring should rotate smoothly, without vibration and obvious blocking phenomenon during rotation, and the outer steel ring should not regress after stopping. Otherwise, the bearing can no longer be used. Hold the outer ring with your left hand, pinch the inner steel ring with your right hand, and push hard in all directions. If you feel loose when pushing, it means serious wear.

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