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Small troubleshooting and maintenance of Micro powder mill

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Date: 2021-06-29

Small troubleshooting of Micro powder mill:

When the material is found under the host, stop the feeder, and start the feeder when the fan current returns to normal. The normal range of the fan current is between 50A-70A.

If the finished material suddenly becomes thicker, it may be caused by the operation of the current overload analysis machine. If this phenomenon occurs, stop the fan, and then start the analyzer motor. When the required speed is reached, restart the fan to be normal produce.

If the noise is abnormal or the current increases suddenly, the machine should be shut down for inspection, and the production can be started according to the normal procedure after the fault is eliminated.

micro powder mill


1. During the use of the mill, a dedicated person should be responsible for establishing a post responsibility system and operating specifications. The operator must be familiar with the machine’s performance, use requirements, and operating procedures. New recruits must undergo technical training and can only operate after meeting the requirements.

2. In order for the machine to work normally, an equipment maintenance system must be established to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill. At the same time, necessary maintenance tools, accessories and grease must be equipped.

3. After the mill has been used for a period of time, it should be overhauled, and the wearing parts such as the grinding roller and grinding ring should be replaced at the same time to ensure normal production.

4. Refuel the lubrication points of the equipment on time in accordance with the requirements of the lubrication system.

5. When the grinding ring is worn to a certain thickness, it is normal to have cracks and should be replaced in time.

6. Regularly clean the dust accumulation of the fan blades to ensure the stable operation of the fan.

7. Clean the muffler regularly to avoid excessive resistance and affect the air volume of the system.

8. Check the bag filter regularly, and replace it in time if it is damaged.

9. Refer to its instructions for maintenance of supporting equipment.

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