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How to choose the most suitable sand washing machine ?

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Date: 2016-06-27

Sand washing machine in the whole sand production line have a very important role, sand washing machine is mainly used for cleaning sand, it is a key step in the production line in the sand and gravel sand washing impurities, sand washing machine is a sand and gravel production line quality assurance . On Hai Zhuoya mining machinery is a professional mining machinery manufacturer of sand washing machines, there are strict criteria, whether or casting material production technology, are in line with industry standards. Because, sand washing machine gravel important position in the production line, so the Hai Zhuoya mining machinery to remind the user to pay attention sand washing machine to be careful when purchasing.


Sand washing machine is a large-scale mining machinery, sand washing machine in order to ensure the latter part of the job, the machine can play the advantages of machine damage does not occur in the job and the job can not be the case. On Hai Zhuoya mining machinery to remind the majority of users in the purchase of sand washing machine purchase need to be careful, so that the selection of excellent quality sand washing machine.

Sand washing machine for the purchase of equipment to shop around, according to the needs of their own sand and gravel production line, according to the cleaning properties of sand and gravel to sand washing machine choose the right equipment. Sand washing machine at the time of purchase the buyer needs good preparations, choose quality and credibility is very important to sand washing machine manufacturer; buyer pick sand washing machine manufacturers need to complete documents.

Customers also need to be noted that in the process of sand production line in strict accordance with the requirements to operate sand washing machine equipment, and point the entire production line to bear in mind that according to the nesting → crusher → feeder mode of operation, in addition, we to be noted that the sand washing machine equipment to make machine idle for 1-2 hours at the first time, if there is abnormal contact sand washing machine manufacturer.

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