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Advantages of pf impact crusher in crushing stone

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Date: 2020-05-09

The full name of pf impact crusher is pf series impact crusher. The feed particle size is 250mm-500mm, and the output is 15-350 tons per hour. It is commonly used in the stone production line to complete medium and fine crushing. It is suitable for crushing limestone, gypsum, granite, Coke and other medium hardness materials with compressive strength not higher than 100Mpa, Joyal will analyze the advantages of pf impact crusher in crushing stone for everyone here:

  1. The structure is simple, and the crushing ratio of the equipment has been improved in terms of performance. The improved crushing chamber is larger, so that the collision between the material and the impact plate, the material and the material more fully improves the crushing ratio. Under reasonable circumstances, the crushing ratio can reach 150 to meet the production needs; 2. Low power consumption and strong processing capacity During the production process, the impact crusher feed size can reach 2m2, the product particle size is less than 25mm, fine crushing The product size of the impact crusher is less than 3mm. Choosing a suitable impact crusher can replace the previous secondary or tertiary crushing work, reduce the number of crushing sections, and simplify the production process; at the same time, the power consumption in the production process is small 3. The material is cuboid after crushing, which is more in line with the user During the production process, the machine operator can adjust the gap between the end points of the counter-attack plate, the counter-attack plate and the leveling screen plate and the hammer to achieve the adjustment of the product size discharge gap, and then change the number of impacts on the material to make the finished product. The granularity is uniform and the granular shape is cubic. This granular aggregate is beneficial to infrastructure construction such as roads and railways, and is more in line with user needs. 4. Wet materials are processed more effectively, preventing materials from clogging. The impact crusher not only handles dry materials The efficiency is good, and the crushed wet material is also very effective. That is because the heating device equipped with the feed chute and the counter plate evaporates the excess water in the wet material to prevent compaction.

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