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gravel production line equipment

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Date: 2018-01-22

The gravel aggregate needed in the construction industry as well as in the road construction industry comes from the gravel production line. The gravel production line equipment is configured according to the actual output and needs. What are the equipment for gravel production line? Specifically, a stone production line equipment should include feeding equipment, crushing equipment, sand making equipment, screening equipment, sand washing equipment, etc., Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we talk about the allocation of gravel production line.

Gravel production line is a complete production line.Joyal mining machinery is a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment, joayl remind consumers to pay attention to the gravel production line in the ore processing equipment configuration issues, which the entire gravel production engineering Are very important, different production conditions need to configure different ore processing machinery and equipment.

The purpose of the stone production line is to process large stones into sand of the same size. Of course, depending on the industry, the specifications of the material is not the same, such as highway railway filling materials and engineering materials are very different size. Different situations need to use the gravel production equipment also has a very big difference, the general gravel production line configuration what ore processing equipment?

Specifically, gravel production line in the first feeder, and then send the conveyor to the crusher for the first crushing, which is often said that the rough broken, then the second is processing, that is, Fine broken, fine broken commonly used equipment is the impact crusher. And then sent to the sand making machine, the sand making machine to process the material, then processed out of the material is basically finished material, of course, the machine will inevitably have specifications do not meet the requirements of the standard stone, this time Usually with a shaker, that is, the above-mentioned screening equipment, does not meet the requirements of the size of the sieve out of stone, and then sent to the broken process.

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