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Vertical impact crusher is a high-quality limestone sand making equipment

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Date: 2016-05-03

It is well known as a common ore material has a very wide range of limestone resources in the market, while in the process of limestone stone production line, we generally use the limestone crushing jaw crusher and impact crusher, jaw crusher as primary crushing equipment, low cost, simple structure, easy maintenance, limestone jaw crusher is ideal for crushing equipment, primary jaw crusher and fine jaw crusher is suitable for crushing limestone.
The impact crusher is a cube, less flakiness content, the necessary equipment is of high standard roads, since the limestone is soft, impact crusher can be overcome, and not a lot of wear and tear, and low maintenance costs, impact crusher for stone production, lower than the input costs cone crusher, which is suitable for crushing limestone. In recent years, vertical impact crusher, also known as sand making machine, with a modern design, excellent product shape to give Sand recognized by the industry. Vertical impact crusher like high energy rock centrifugal pump from the hopper composition, structure, equipment, vertical shaft, crushing chamber, drive motor and other components of the shunt.
123 (433)Throughout the crushing process, due to the rupture between the materials with each other, but it is hardly any wear and tear of the machine, thus avoiding the traditional impact crusher particularly severe wear defects. Sand consists essentially of carbon steel, light weight, and it may not require a concrete foundation. Whole machine can work in a similar shelf, with a relatively small civil works, and applies to any hard rock crushing. Vertical impact crusher is high abrasion resistance, good grain type, low-power, high crushing ratio, easy installation, low installation costs, and does not consider high-quality limestone material moisture   sand making equipment.

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