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The Classifications of Joyal Rough Cone Crusher

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Date: 2014-07-24

The cone crusher can be divided into three common types: the rough crushing machine, the medium crushing one and the fine crushing one. The rough cone crusher is also called gyratory breaker and the medium or fine crushing machine is also named mushroom shaped cone crusher.

Hydraulic system is the main system of hydraulic cone crusher . It consists of pumps, auxiliary pumps, and hydraulic motors, once the system fails, then the use of hydraulic cone crusher effect will be not only greatly reduced, but also affect their use life. First: the hydraulic oil is too thick or too thin that can affect the efficiency of the device, or even cause it does not work. Possible causes: The system oil overheating.

100_1748Solution: to ensure that the hydraulic cone crusher system oil temperature is normal. Second: the wear of rubber seals affects production. The reason may be faulty: the deformed parts expansion due to overheating. Solution: always check the parts; identify problems and timely replace parts. Third: the hydraulic system is not working properly. Measures may be defective: the oxidized sediments are generated by the hydraulic oil filter clogging. Solution: the timely replacement of hydraulic oil to prevent oxidation in the work process.

The gyratory breaker can be directly fed with raw materials without the help of ore storage bin and rock feeder. While the jaw crusher machine can succeed in this process and we often need to add extra devices to assist the crusher to finish the whole crushing process.2. The gyratory breaker can work in a very stable condition with little vibration. The machine is quite lighter than the jaw crusher.

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