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Construction waste mobile crushing station is a device of choice

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Date: 2016-06-13

The construction industry as an important pillar industry in the development process of the past hundred years has also been considerable development, but in the building construction process will inevitably produce a lot of use and removal of large quantities of by-products. Construction of the large number of garbage has become the world’s problems of common concern. Early in the developed countries on this issue, a series of fruitful research and practice proved that construction waste recycling is an effective way to solve social problems.

mcrawler-b04Strengthen the comprehensive utilization of construction waste is an important way to save land resources, while cleaning up the urban environment is an important work, is an important measure will inevitably require the development of recycling economy and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, science implement and achieve sustainable development and environmental protection concept of development. As a professional crusher equipment manufacturers Shagnhai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. always stick to their technical advantages, adhere to the construction waste disposal for the development of innovation in science and technology, we graduate output to meet market demand construction waste disposal system, citing modern advanced technology for the rational use of waste.

Shanghai Joyal introduced a new mobile crushing station to enter the market, the mobile crushing station has become a preferred construction waste disposal equipment, this machine is 400 tons / year processing capacity, processing recycled aggregate the device first, and then sand from the manufacturer can be a variety of environmentally friendly building materials, such as hollow bricks, permeable brick, it solves the problem of cleaning up the environment and sustainable use, and take advantage of this machine greatly reduce the production of waste costs and reduce environmental pollution and purify living urban environment. The device enables multi-stage crushing and screening machinery broken, and divided into three recycled aggregate, therefore, it is widely used in building materials industry, it has opened up a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly way.

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